christopher pavlou

Hi – I’m Christopher Pavlou. Welcome to my website!

I am a motivated “change-maker” and “bucket-list ticker” with a passion for living and working efficiently and optimally. I write about my personal & professional journey and what I learn along the way in the vague hope that it will help and inspire others to acheive their goals.

My interests include:

  • “Beating the system” – From the thrill of getting the best possible deal, to the excitement of experiencing more than you are supposed to
  • Backpacking – More specifically, backpacking light. I spent 367 consecutive days travelling the world with just 6.5kg on my back (1.1kg was my laptop) and it’s a game-changer
  • Mobile devices, computers and networks – I’m that guy that everyone (especially parents) asks to fix their Wi-Fi or sort out their computer/phone/tablet problem
  • Being extremely organised